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Fire and Security Alarm

Safety Systems / Fire and Security Alarm

We recommend to integrate fire and security alarm into the system combining safety systems and engineering systems of a building, in order to provide alert, fire extinguishing, smoke control, access control systems, etc. with reliable addressing information.

Fire and security alarm system is a complex aggregate of equipment serving for timely detection of ignition and unauthorized penetration into the security area.

Security alarm system, as part of fire and security alarm system, performs tasks of timely notification of guard service about the fact of unauthorized penetration or attempt of people penetration to the project site or its separate premises with capture of date, place and time of guard border violation.

Fire alarm system is intended for timely detection of fire point and forming of control signals for fire alert systems about fire and automatic fire extinguishing.

We consider that:

  • Fire safety demands careful and comprehensive approach: one should not forget about various surfaces protection. There are many special compositions and treatments for providing fire curtain for air ducts, metal structures and other surfaces.
  • One of the major requirements to fire and security alarm system is possibility of its integration into the general safety system. Integration can be required both at the elementary (relay) level, and at program level when compatibility of communication protocols in data buses and communication lines of various subsystems is needed. Thus the big role is played by support of one or several network technologies by fire and security alarm system equipment.

Modern fire and security alarm is a longterm insurance for your business against thefts, sabotages and fires. Fire and security alarm installation on the project is the most effective insurance policy.