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Close-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Safety Systems / Close-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Video monitoring, (close-circuit television), hereafter referred to as CCTV.

We consider video monitoring as essential function of the project integrated security system. CCTV equipment allows not only to monitor and record video, but also to program the reaction of the whole system in emergency situations.

Modern CCTV efficiently solves the following problems:

  • Perimeter and territory guard of the project of any scale
  • Process safety management
  • Transmission and traffic centers control
  • General safety of accomodation, office, warehouse, industrial premises
  • Control over work of warehouses and swift-flowing production cycles
  • Management of the whole system from central control room
  • Automated monitoring of the remote and moving objects condition, their location etc.
  • Record and timely prevention of various threats from external and internal factors

We consider that:

  • We are able to use all capabilities of CCTV systems for your safety.
  • Video monitoring not only facilitates work for the project security violation detection and elimination of their consequences, but is also a good preventive measure.

Modern CCTV (digital or hybrid), constructed on the basis of local area network (LAN), will not only reduce material expenses, but will also create additional value for the company by reaching new, higher level of technological development.