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Designing is consecutive analysis and description of what the system should be. Designing is a part of a logic chain of work on the project:

  1. Definition of design concept
  2. Concept formation and description - designing
  3. Implementation

Designing solves three primary problems:

  1. It is the basis for working out of agreed action plan for project implementation.
  2. It allows to budget the project
  3. It gives grounds for cost estimate and design period

"Alfa-Telecom" company takes responsibility for all consequence of work on the project.

Design concept definition stage is an important link of a full cycle of the project implementation. Technical Design Assignment is the result of this work stage.

Technical Design Assignment (TDA, Technical Assignment) is the initial document for systems designing.

TDA contains basic technical requirements and initial data for working out.

TDA contains instructions on system designation, area of its application, development stage of construction (design, technological, program, etc.) documentation. Documentation layout, execution dates, and also specific requirements caused by particularity of the system; project, system being its infrastructure; conditions of its operation.

As a rule, TDA is made on the basis of analysis of preliminary researches, calculations results.

As communication tool in a dialogue between the client and executor, technical assignment allows:

  • to both parties
    • to present a ready product
    • to execute point by point check of a ready product (acceptance testing - carrying out of tests)
    • to reduce the number of errors connected with change of requirements as a result of their incompleteness or inaccuracy (at all stages and creation stages, except for tests)
  • to the client
    • to realise, what exactly he needs
    • to demand from the executor of a product conformity to all conditions stipulated in TDA
  • to the executor
    • to understand a problem essence, to show the customer technical profile of the future system,
    • to plan the project performance and to work under the plan

NB: Correct TDA, written and agreed between all interested and responsible persons is a passport to successful project implementation.

Engineering department of LLC "Alfa-Telecom" are formed by experts who successfully develop both TDA and design and estimate documentation in full conformity with modern requirements, state norms, rules and standards operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Two-stage designing:

1 stage. The project

2 stage. Working documentation.

It is developed for technically complicated systems at large objects when one-stage development of design documentation is unpractical because of complexity, necessity of detailed study and approval.

One-stage designing:

Detail design (part being approved and working documentation).

It is developed for technically simple systems on the basis of approved substantiations and investments. It is used for performing construction and assembly works.

Operational documentation:

It is developed for communication systems. It is submitted to local bodies of Rossvyaznadzor (FSNSS of the RF) when receiving "Permission to operate communication facilities".