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Feasibility report on systems maintenance

"Alfa-Telecom" Company builds systems forming cabling infrastructure of a modern building. Cabling infrastructure of buildings and constructions includes power supply and lighting systems, SCS, safety systems and other low-current systems. Experience, understanding of operation principles of these high technology systems will allow us to offer qualified maintenance service of our systems and systems constructed by our colleagues. Good cabling infrastructure is invisible in working area, but its value for building, enterprise life is high. It means both comfortable work, and work efficiency upgrading, and organization safety. This means decrease of maintenance expenses, and improvement of interaction in the company, and customer service improvement.

Peculiarity of any open system, like cabling infrastructure components, is loss of stability caused by external factors. In our case it is systems malfunction. That involves occurrence of a various sort of threats from financial losses to direct threat to employees life. It is necessary to reduce system exposure to admissible value in order to minimize risks. This function is the primary task of maintenance service.

Fixed plan of actions carried out by experts of certain qualification is developed for each system. Actions are performed periodically and guarantee system fault tolerance.

As systems are not only open, but also high technology, they are not insured against failures caused by system components breakdown, usually concerning equipment. Therefore, expeditious replacement of a system component is another task of maintenance service.

In order to solve this problem, service organization needs not only qualified experts, but also stock reserve of system components.

Maintenance service offered by "Alfa-Telecom" Company solves a complex of these problems effectively.

Maintenance service cost is calculated out of scopes, complexity of systems and includes degree of admissible risks. Degree of admissible risks is regulated by maintenance service work plan. It is coordinated and approved by the client.

If you have not concluded the contract for Maintenance service yet, then in case of system or its component failure, please call "Alfa-Telecom" Company. System working capacity will be restored.

But you will waste time waiting for the expert, searching malfunction, delivering necessary equipment, restoring system. Pay for the expert work according to hour norm.

And how much does a two-day stoppage of, for example, local area network cost? And the faulty camera the intruder learned about? We will not include fire into the feasibility report of contract for fire and security alarm maintenance service.