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Structured cabling systems (SCS)

Communication Networks and Systems / Structured cabling systems (SCS)

We recommend the modern solution of cabling infrastructure arrangement of the project. SCS is a basis of the computer network integrated with telephone system.

Structured cabling system is a universal telecommunication infrastructure of a building / a group of buildings, providing signalling of all types, including speech, information, video. SCS can be installed before users requirements, data transmission rate, network protocols type become known.

We consider that:

  • Nowadays, application of open systems is the most effective, because the produced active equipment is designed on the basis of position, that the cable part of information infrastructure complies with standards requirements, that is fail-safe and capable to provide certain performance characteristics.
  • By applying a principle of structured cabling, the cost of the installed network equipment falls, and efficiency of data transmission increases with exponential dependence.
  • Telecommunication infrastructure grown to SCS is available business tool with ample opportunities.