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Private automatic branch exchanges (PABX)

Communication Networks and Systems / Private automatic branch exchanges (PABX)

PABX is the key device of Corporate telephone system, which is in charge of receipt of entering calls from clients, and as a result, the level of your profit depends on it.

Basic function of PABX is switching. Automatic telephone exchange installation is a difficult process demanding from the setting company not only technical knowledge, but also knowledge of business process engineering in the company.

Choice, adjustment, installation are stages of technological process of ATE installation, but provided this process realization is highly professional, it provides a guarantee that funds for telephony were applied in an optimal way.

Switching in ATE is provided by such technologies and means, as digital compression, developed software, etc. The applied equipment is more and more often realized according to open standards.

We consider that:

  • PABX does not work miracles, it only allows to equalize city lines resources inside of the facility on ‘communicating vessels' basis.
  • The Client hesitates to choose from PABX presented on the market, since he has less information on difficult telecommunication devices.
  • PABX being properly chosen always has expansion flexibility.

PABX costs are effective investments into business development.