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Local area networks (LAN)

Communication Networks and Systems / Local area networks (LAN)

We offer LAN - an obligatory component of information infrastructure of any large enterprise (bank, design institute, etc.). Nowadays, reliability and security of business is inseparable with functioning of its computing infrastructure. Faults in network operation lead to direct losses of property.

LAN is a transport infrastructure of data transmission in territorially limited space (a building or group of buildings). LAN is a key element of the company infrastructure. By means of LAN, personal computers located at many remote workplaces, which share the equipment, software and information, unite in system. Workplaces of employees stop being isolated and unite in integrated system. Computer network management and support become more and more responsible and difficult process with a growing number of users. We are ready to assume this responsibility.

We consider that:

  • LAN should provide economical use of resources, for example, operate peripheral devices, such as laser printers, from all workplaces attached to LAN.
  • LAN advantages are data sharing, software sharing, processor resources sharing, which means possibility of access to all network potential from peripheral workplaces requiring information, centralised programs, computational capabilities of the processor.
  • LAN is a tool which influences process of creating profit.
  • LAN maintenance demands expenditures. It is possible to operate profitability indices of the client business by optimizing tool efficiency and cost.