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Corporate telephone systems

Communication Networks and Systems / Corporate telephone systems

We offer hi-tech, fail-safe integrated solutions for telephony meeting ever-increasing demands of clients. It is both traditional wire telephony, and integrated systems of telephone networks and data transmission networks uniting various technologies - solutions of the major problem - creation of modern technological base for business dealing.

Universal convenient telecommunication system leads to organization activity effectivization, creation of internal communication, even at long distances, optimum use of city lines, control increase, costs reduction.

We think that:

  • Corporate telephone system should provide flexible, multisided and expeditious interaction of subscribers and should have high index of safety, reliability, productivity and expansibility.
  • Communication system should provide high-quality reproduction of information and not impose rigid restrictions on staff operating mode, in particular on their moving within office.
  • Telecommunication is a tool for the organization which influences process of profit formation or even directly participates in it.
  • Corporate telephone system is a source of expenses. The optimum balance between tool efficiency and cost can make essential impact on profitability of the client's business.