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Corporate data transmission networks (DTN)

Communication Networks and Systems / Corporate data transmission networks (DTN)

Our company task is to help you find optimum decisions on construction of a modern corporate network of information interchange or upgrade the old system on the basis of new information technologies.

Corporate DTN is one of the major tools of business development. Quality and reliable corporate network is needed, first of all, by geographically distributed companies which business depends on reliability and flexibility of its divisions teamwork.

The purpose of corporate data transmission networks (DTN) construction is transport provision for geographically distributed business applications:

  • network databases;
  • information portals;
  • e-mail;
  • traditional file exchange;
  • IP telephony;
  • video conferencing;
  • distance learning.

We consider that:

  • Corporate DTN should provide flexible, multilateral and expeditious interaction of subscribers and should have high factor of safety, reliability, productivity and expansibility.
  • Corporate DTN should provide high-quality reproduction of information and contribute to establishment of effective operating mode of personnel, irrespective of its territorial distribution.
  • Corporate DTN is a tool which influences process of creating profit or even directly participates in it.
  • Corporate DTN maintenance demands expenditures. It is possible to operate profitability indices of the client business by optimizing tool efficiency and cost.