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"Alfa-Telecom" Company carries out all electrical installation works qualitatively and in time. We perform installation of systems consisting of power main and electric equipment, as well as systems based on low-current networks with equipment of various application (communication facilities, control systems, detectors, videocameras) and wireless communication systems, and safety systems.

Electric wiring refers to special civil works which are carried out at erection and reconstruction of structures of different purpose, and also at conversion of buildings purpose.

Electic installation works are carried out in 2 stages:

1. The first stage is carried out simultaneously with civil works, includes installation of fixing (embedded) parts in building units for the subsequent fastening of equipment and electric wiring structures to them, pipe laying in foundations and lift slabs of buildings (constructions) for distributing mains, installation of indexing notches in walls for electric receivers. At that, site joint of equipment and cable structures, bench preparation of wires and cables for networks are made out of installation area in specially equipped workshops.

2. The second stage consists of transportation, placing in the permanent location, assembly of equipment and electric installation structures, laying of cables and wires and their connection to the assembled equipment. It is carried out simultaneously with premise finishing work.

NB: Electric installation works are completed with start-up and commissioning.

Why installation of cable systems is ordered in LLC "Alfa-Telecom"?

  • Guaranteed quality of carrying and low-current systems. Please see live report from the projects;
  • Safe systems. We adhere to requirements of the European and national standards of work;
  • We carry out great scopes of works in deadlines;
  • The Client bears minimal investment and operational costs;
  • The Client receives optimal prices for large and average projects;
  • The Client feels comfortable to work with us. Questions are solved expeditiously by the personal manager with necessary powers;
  • The Client can correct requirements in the course of installation. Dynamic changes in as-built documentation allow minimizing additional expenses;
  • Quality professional marking makes work with systems convenient and pleasant;
  • As-built documentation is provided without additional payment;
  • The Client receives documentary results of testing.