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Power Supply Systems

Electric networks. Stages. Creation.

1. Analysis of technical design assignment for the project. Site visit:

  • Familiarization with requirements of technical design assignment
  • Departure and site visit of the client's project. Approval of all desirable demands placed by the client to the future electric power supply project and preliminary estimate of scope of works

2. Calculation of the most profitable electric supply project, agreement with the customer:

  • Power supply project planning. After having received the customer's approval and concluded the contract, our experts will immediately start electric network engineering. Electric network engineering will be performed under complete control of the client, therefore, he will always be able to modify it, if needed.

3. Agreement of the executed project with the client, network companies and other accompanying organizations.

4. Installation works and project supply:

  • Cost estimate for equipment delivery and work performance
  • Agreement of estimate and schedule of works with the client
  • Purchase and delivery of equipment to the project

5. Commissioning and electric measuring works (Certificate of electric laboratory registration, ref. #463 dated August 9, 2007):

  • Insulation resistance measurements.
  • Overvoltage test of cable lines and electric equipment.
  • Search of damages and cable laying.
  • Drawing up of technical reports, minutes issue etc.

Works performed by our experts are based on regulatory documents requirements:

  • "Regulations of electric units arrangement" (7th edition)
  • "Operation Code for Electrical Installations" (2003)
  • GOST 21.101-97 "Main requirements for design and working documents"
  • SNiP 11-01-95 "Instructions on the procedure of development, coordination, approval and composition of design documentation, for construction of enterprises, buildings and structures"
  • SP 31-101-2003 "Design and erection of electrical equipment in residential and public buildings"
  • SO 153-34.21.122-2003 "Instruction on lightning protection for buildings, constructions and industrial communications"

We consider that:

Electric energy will remain for a long time the main type of energy providing technical progress in all spheres of human life. Being transformed into light, thermal, mechanical and other kinds of energy it can be transmitted to long distances.

Application of quality protective devices is a guarantee of your property and life safety. But this is not enough, correct designing and competent installation of electric supply system at your project are also required.

Electric supply system is an essential medium for any business development. The medium as a strategic tool of full-featured business.