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References / Dispatching

Dispatching system allows observing on-line processes occurring at remote projects, looking through log reports, and also changing parameters of the devices serving these projects. Dispatching can cover information systems with company databases or equipment or all in block.

Controllers, which established excellent reputation, are used for data acquisition and processing. These are freely programmable controllers supporting a great amount of various fibre channels, and they can work both independently, without external management, and carry out constant information exchange with the central control panel.

Engineering projects dispatching system can be both local and remote.

Local dispatching

In this case, engineering information from one or several engineering systems enter the computer of the operator (dispatching station). That is, we have close-circuit system in which equipment and control panel are located in one building or at one project. The example is automation of buildings, office centers or small-scale enterprise.

Often local dispatching is called simply automation. If your task is connected with dispatching of engineering systems of a building, visit the page Automation of buildings. If dispatching of other equipment or enterprise is needed, see the page Industrial automation.

Remote dispatching

Here parameters from one or several automation systems of remote projects enter central dispatching station through various data transmission channels.

Simple example – dispatch rooms located in each district of a city, serving elevators of tens of buildings. Remote dispatching is also applied for integration of, for example, several buildings already having local dispatching.

We offer dispatching of any projects. And it can be both buildings, positioned side-by-side or located within one city and projects in different cities.

Accordingly, on the basis of task and availability of communications, we offer different variants of solutions. The signal can be transmitted both via telephone system or by means of widespread network Ethernet TCP/IP, radio channel, and through the Internet by means of protected connection.

It is possible to integrate not only isolated units of equipment, but also information systems of the enterprise: ERP, ERM-systems, databases SQL, etc.

The following solution can be interesting for many enterprises:

Using a cell phone, a handheld computer or communicator the company management can see the enterprise working conditions, for example, output for the last day in any city and any place of the world with cellular network coverage. All data have reliable protection system preventing from unauthorized access.