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References / Automation

Nowadays construction of multiuse buildings and facilities become more and more popular. They include office, sports, entertaining, educational, apartment buildings, garages-parkings, etc.

Complex systems of ventilation, air conditioning and heating are used in order to provide people with comfortable living conditions. Besides, the following systems operate in a building: lighting, fire-extinguishing systems, sanitation, heat supply system, safety systems etc.

In order to operate these systems in a highly-reliable and safe way automation and dispatching means are used. They allow to provide service mobility, reduction of costs for operation at the expense of energy consumption decrease and reliability enhancement of equipment operation, and also to reduce operating costs, to optimize production process.


Centralized systems of automation and dispatching allow to integrate the following engineering, information and communication subsystems into a unifide control system:

Engineering systems:

  • power protection systems, control and protection against voltage drops, and also standby power systems;
  • climate monitoring and control systems in a building, including systems of ventilation, air-conditioning and heating;
  • water supply monitoring and control systems;
  • lighting monitoring and control systems.

Information and communication systems:

  • telephony (ATE of the building, Internet telephony);
  • broadcasting network;
  • integrated enterprise-wide computer networks.

Integrated safety systems:

  • fire and security alarm system;
  • video monitoring;
  • access control;
  • perimetre guard;
  • automated firefighting.

Building automation systems consist of three components:

  1. Communication and cabling systems;
  2. Actuating and setting devices;
  3. Programming environment with the help of which the system is controlled.

Competent solutions

Since building system automation is an expensive task, Alfa-Telecom working with the client helps choosing economically feasible solution depending on needs and requirements of the Client.

In choosing technologically proper solutions of building system automation our company is guided by:

  • compliance with norms, operating standards;
  • estimation of safety system components;
  • estimation of accident-preventive measures for physical protection of tangible objects and financial resources;
  • analysis of system character of provided security measures;
  • estimation and elaboration of system of measures for tangibles safety;
  • elaboration of systems and measures for information resources safety.

We work in the direction of achieving the following purposes:

  • cost cutout during upkeep of buildings;
  • provision of performance of comfortable working processes in a building;
  • creation of company information infrastructure, information security, reliability, productivity of information systems;
  • succeeding in capability of building services and subsystems to prevent emergency situations, and at their occurrence - to prevent loss of property or reduce it to a minimum.

For the moment, Alfa-Telecom solves the problem of buildings automation and acts as solution provider which implements engineering solutions in the whole complex of technical equipment systems of a building.