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Automation and Dispatching

References / Automation and Dispatching

Automation and dispatching systems are intended for management of engineering equipment, control over its condition and microclimate parameters in buildings, display of the equipment condition and controlled parameters for the following technological subsystems:

  • ventilation and air-conditioning systems;
  • smoke protection systems;
  • power supply systems;
  • lighting systems (emergency, camouflage, outdoor lighting);
  • heat supply systems, heating and hot water systems;
  • cooling systems;
  • cold water supply and water treatment systems;
  • sewage systems;
  • heating systems (of paths, ladders, roofs), etc.

The purpose of systems creation is:

Provision of proper maintenance of microclimate parameters in a building and necessary operating modes of process equipment;

Improvement of quality and efficiency of engineering and process equipment maintenance;

Provision of reliability of the used equipment, emergencies prevention, reduction of time of search, localization and accident elimination;

Setting of intellectual modes of energy sources consumption, power consumption economy.

The systems perform the following common functions:

  • Setting of operating modes of engineering equipment and controlled parameters;
  • Automatic surveillance of all mechanisms of the controlled engineering equipment (pumps, valves, dampers, shutters, etc.), data about their actual condition and position being displayed at dispatching station;
  • Remote control over units and separate devices of various systems of engineering equipment (conditioners, fans of air supply and exhaust plants, pumps, dampers, air shutters, etc.);
  • Automatic detection of emergencies, taking actions for equipment preservation in such situations and for solution of emergencies;
  • Automatic transmission of emergency and warning signals to dispatching station, their registration;
  • Remote measurement of parameters needed by the dispatcher in order to carry out effective control and management of engineering equipment operation, and also to prevent various emergencies and pre-emergencies;
  • Remote regulation of various parameters (temperature, pressure, etc.) by means of regulators of temperature and pressure, adjustable air shutters in order to maintain normal running conditions for process equipment, as well as comfortable conditions in premises.

Except for automatic control, the following management types are provided in systems:

  • Local control over separate units directly from power control cabinets of electric actuators, control mode selection "local – remote" is carried out by means of switches located on these cabinets;
  • Local management of some valves and dampers from hand control panels.

Manual remote control over some separate units from dispatching station computer.